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Yamawaru Kensha

Where Can I Find a Responsible Akita Breeder Near Me?

If you want to get an akita puppy or an adult dog, it's important to choose the right breeder to ensure you get a healthy puppy with strong genes. The breeder is more than a first home for your pet, it’s a place where the future health and personality of the dog will be determined. With the right training and refinement, a breeder can create one of a kind dogs that represent the best natural qualities of the breed.


At Yamawaru Kensha Japanese Akita Kennel, we strive to preserve the integrity of the Akita breed by raising beautiful, healthy animals that are a credit to the classic dog breed. These intelligent animals are complex and have distinct personalities just like humans do and working with each individual one from birth until they are ready to go to their permanent home is fascinating. Understanding the Akita and how they think and feel is our passion. For centuries, these dogs have been part of a proud tradition and lineage. From guarding royalty to coming to America with Helen Keller, akita dogs have been at many of the interesting points in history and their rising popularity means they will likely continue to do so. With both male and female show quality akita dogs to our credit, we know how to raise puppies that will grow into gorgeous, intelligent adult dogs that live long, rewarding lives.


Check out our upcoming breeding plans to learn more about future litters of Akita puppies from Yamawaru Kensha, or contact us if you want to ask questions about getting a dog from us.

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