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Yamawaru Kensha  山笑犬舎 was established in 2017 with the aim and passion to breed both physically and mentally healthy dogs, and to make this breed popular and preserve itself as the Akiho association desired. 

My family always has different kind of animals since I was a little child, and I was always better with all kind of animals and plants than with humans. We had different kind of dogs in my life but in 2014 I have got my first akita when I moved back from UK. I felt that I have different relationship with this kind of dog what I had before towards other breeds. 
I fell in love with his special personality, which was a real challenge to understand it and become part of his life with all the unconditional love and trust what he could give to me. Two years later I decided to get another one and I did not stop with two, so today I have 12 adult dogs, and I am very dedicated to learn as much as I can about akitas, and understand the Japanese way of thinking.


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