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Pure Breed Akita

  Look for the Signs of a Pure Breed Akita

There are two kinds of akita, the Japanese and American akita. The main differences in appearance between the two include:


  • The Japanese akita has a larger stature and grows to be taller than the American akita. While both will grow to a large size, the Japanese akita will typically grow to be between 24 and 26 inches tall.

  • A Japanese akita must have a three generation pedigree of recognized dogs in order to be recognized as purebred.

  • American akita dogs may be a cross of the Japanese and American breeds, while a Japanese pure breed akita can only have parentage from Japanese akitas.


If you want to be sure the dog you bring home is a pure breed akita, choose one from a reputable, dependable breeder like Yamawaru Kensha. Every Akita Dog for Sale from us is a purebreed ready for a good home.

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