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FCI Akiho Registered Akita

  How Can You Identify a FCI Akiho Registered Akita?

The akita breed is very distinctive thanks to a few physical and personality traits, but some people will still try to pass off another breed as a purebred akita or confuse you about the dog's origin. When you shop for an akita dog, be sure to ask about the dog's pedigree as well as the breeder's history and qualifications. This will help you ensure you get an FCI or Akiho Registered Akita from a reputable breeder.


  Are You Ready to Bring an Akita Dog Home?


There are several characteristics and behaviors known to be expected when you get a FCI or/and Akiho Registered Akita. These dogs will require specific care and training as well as the right kind of environment to thrive. If you're ready to bring an akita home, here are a few things to prepare for:


  • Whether it's a young puppy or a full size Akita dog, your new pet will be looking for exercise, attention and stimulation. He or she will want to play with you, take long walks around the new neighborhood and chew on special toys. Being prepared for the time and supplies needed will help you adjust to life with the dog.

  • Akitas can come in different colors like white, red and white, or brindle. 

  • Though they are a low maintenance breed that doesn't need professional grooming often, akitas do shed a large amount of dog hair due to the thick, rich double coat they sport. To keep the shedding at a minimum, you may want to brush your akita's fur often with a brush that traps the excess hair instead of allowing it to fall on the ground.

While they are friendly and sociable with family members, akitas also require independence and alone time to be content. If you already have another dog at home of the same sex, an akita may not respond well to your environment.

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