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"Correct bite, beautiful type, perfect general impression, head is correct, eyes have very good oriental expression, Good angulation, perfect format, correct legs, light movement" Halyna Shapareva - Deloof-Sys FCI Judge 23.11.2018 Zagreb Speciality show

JCH of Hungary, JCH of Croatia, 2x BOB, 7X Best Junior, 9X Best Junior female, 

Hikaru Go Fuen No Oka  AKIHO 18-133 (imported from Poland)
D.O.B.: 21.11.2017

HD/A, ED/0, Eyes clear

"Very nice general impression, excellent head and ears, beautiful eyes, excellent colour, correct angulations, needs more training" Alessandro Zeppi FCI Judge 09.09.2018 Kac, Serbia

Hoshiko Go Fuen No Oka AKIHO 18-131 (imported from Poland)
D.O.B: 21.11.2017

HD/A, ED/0, Eyes clear

Natsuko is a very kind and calmed temperament female. She has really nice expression and front. Very well socialized both with humans and with dogs. 

F'Natsuko Go Jashu Shin
D.O.B: 24.07.2017

HD/A, ED/0, Eyes clear

Mia is daughter of Tokuyuu winner Sangoku Go Ryuukaen. She has a very special expression and amazing eyes and head. She is a very loving character, but it is not easy to gain her trust. 

Mia Go Fuen No Oka (imported from Poland)
D.O.B: 06.12.2017

HD/A, ED/0, Eyes clear

Yukihime Go Fuen No Oka  AKIHO 18-2271 (imported from Poland) D.O.B: 25.01.2018

HD/A, ED/0, Eyes clear

Kurotorame Go Fuen No Oka  AKIHO (imported from Poland) D.O.B: 17.08.2018

HD/A, ED/0, Eyes clear, AI clear

Ryoko Go Samurai Yashiki  AKIHO (imported from Croatia) D.O.B: 29.03.2017

HD/A, ED/0, Eyes clear, DNS diversity test

Asami Go Yamawaru Kensha  
D.O.B: 29.04.2019

AI clear, Dns diversity test

H'Nara Go Yamawaru Kensha  
D.O.B: 17.08.2020

AI clear, Dns diversity test

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