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Japanese Akita

  The Joy of Raising a Japanese Akita

When you purchase a real akita from a Japanese Akita kennel, you're getting an animal with years of refinement and history behind it. While many breeds can trace their history back over hundreds of years, none is quite as interesting and prestigious as that of the Akita. Throughout history akitas have always been working dogs that take pride in being useful. Originally used to guard prestigious homes, Japanese akita also worked in hunting, and are now used for police work due to their diligent nature.


Hailing from the mountains, Japanese akita have a thick coat that keeps them warm in colder climates and love to spend time outdoors. As a Japanese akita owner, you will join a long line of proud dog lovers who appreciate the unique traits of the breed. Some key traits that you can expect when you bring a Japanese akita home might include:


  • Loyalty: a Japanese akita is a loyal dog that knows how to obey commands given by its master and protect the home. While they are nice enough to live with children and families, they will also snap to attention if an intruder comes near.

  • Intelligence: Smart and quick learners, these dogs can be taught tricks and understand complex commands.

  • Playfulness: Akitas love to play with toys, cuddle with family members and have fun.


Yamawaru Kensha is a Japanese akita kennel with the knowledge and skill to breed top quality, healthy animals. Over the years of working with this fine breed, our team has developed the perfect approach to breeding and training. The puppies and adult dogs at our Japanese akita kennel live a full and happy life, where they stay in good shape, eat a healthy diet and play with each other to develop socialization skills.

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